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There are literally hundreds of wedding cake options, from cupcakes to cookie cakes, fruitcake or sponge.  Its perfectly normal to be confused about an item your only going to buy once in your life for the first time in your life!  Lets hope some of the tips below help you make the right decision. 

Who eats cake at Weddings? On average only 60% of your guests will eat cake.


How are wedding cakes priced?  There's the cost of the materials, ingredients, packaging, delivery and most importantly TIME, people seriously underestimate the time it takes to make a Wedding Cake! 


You should never compromise on where you get your wedding cake from, check out the cake designers portfolio, does their work reflect the quality you want to achieve?  Always ask to view a portfolio if they don't have a website.  Your Wedding Cake is the Ultimate Centrepiece!

What is the difference between slice and piece? A piece of cake is determined on the person cutting it, this can be as big and as small as you wish, a slice of cake is what you'd expect in a restaurant, your guests do not expect a slice of wedding cake, a small piece of cake is usually suffice. 


Why go for bespoke? Well its personally designed for you, your wedding cake designer should know how to create the perfect cake for your event, ensuring uniqueness, especially if you want to impress your guests!

Did you know 90% of wedding cakes aren't real?  There made up of replica tiers to create the "wow" factor, the benefits of which are... you get an amazing cake for a fraction of the cost!

A simple 4 tiered wedding cake can take up to 25 hours to make, about 3 days and that doesn't include the delivery time or set up cost!  Larger 6,7,8 tiered cakes can take up to 5-6 days for a team of two!

Did you know the average sugar flower on a wedding cake can take up to 10-15mins to make!  

Hand Crafted Sugar flowers are the most expensive option on a Wedding Cake, the least expensive is artificial flowers and probably more hygienic than fresh flowers, the price of which is determined from season to season.

What should you expect to pay?  Wedding Cakes can start from as little as £250.00 for a small simple white cake with a ribbon

What should you expect to pay for a Luxury Wedding Cake? This all depends on the décor, but on average most Wedding Cake Specialists charge between £800 to £1200.  The cost of a Wedding Cake is unlimited!

Who do I choose for my Wedding Cake?  80% of Wedding Cake makers  in the U.K are home based, and usually have an allocated cake space within their homes they will offer you the most economical price as they don't have high overheads!


Why do Wedding items cost more?  Its simply the "risk factor" a Wedding is not the same as any other event, it is a Wedding, its the most important event of most peoples lives.  Suppliers charge more because there is no compromise, there is no getting it wrong, your wedding has to be perfect.

Cutting Corners? Bartering about the cost of your chair covers is different to bartering about the cost of your photographer, after all they are going to capture your memories!  The same applies to any other unique item, bartering only means compromising, think about it? Its your big day are you prepared to cut corners?

Its not always best to go on referrals, every Wedding and every couple is different, just because someone did your cousins cake doesn't mean the same Cake Specialist is going to be right for you, we recommend you still shop around, the right Wedding Cake Designer should be able to interpret what you envisage.

Happy Wedding Cake Searching We Hope This Helped!

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