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Thank you visiting my website, Swarn Cakes has been established since 2012 a company dedicated to providing new and innovative design in the Wedding Cake industry. My mission is to create Wedding Cakes that leave jaws dropping and taste delicious, ensuring your Wedding leaves the right lasting impression. I have had the privilege of delivering my Wedding Cakes to some of the most prestige venues all over England, from the East Winter Gardens Canary Wharf to Belviour Castle, and I take my time to not only provide the cake but to do a full set up of your Wedding Cake table, flowers and décor. I believe in consulting with you every step of the way to ensure nothing is missed for your big day. Please take a look at some the cakes I have had the pleasure of being commissioned for over the years.

Swarn Cakes Couples

Over the years it has been my pleasure to help couples design their wedding cakes, its as equally as important to me as it is to you. There's nothing more satisfying than receiving the text message or email from happy couples expressing their gratitude, it makes all my hard work worthwhile.

Design Process

Designing your cake is a simple three stage process please see below.

Stage 1.

Following your initial enquiry, I will contact you for a personal consultation over the phone, the call is to discuss what you envisage as a design, how much cake you'll need and to gather information about your wedding theme, decor etc.

Stage 2.

Once I have the relevant information I can go ahead and design your Wedding Cake, all Wedding Cake designs are done digitally, the Wedding Cake design is not final and I appreciate you may want to change things, I will continue to work with you until the outcome you would like is achieved for your Wedding Cake.

Stage 3.

Once your final design has been confirmed, the final stage is to confirm your flavours, we send you a sample box, this includes sponges and buttercreams for you to try, each sample box is £25.00. Once you confirm your flavours your confirm your booking by paying your deposit of £100. All deposits are deducted from the final cost of your Wedding Cake.

Digital Designs Creating Your Vision

Once we've discussed your requirements and what you envisage for your Wedding Cake, I take the information and develop it into your dream Wedding Cake, from idea, to sketch, to a fabulous digital image

Pricing Structure

There are two options that you may need to consider
The 'Majority Sponge Option' unfortunately not all Wedding Cakes can be done in real sponge tiers, this is to maintain the structure and design of your Wedding Cake, however no matter what size or how many tiers you have in your cake if the design and structure of the cake requires a tier (s) to be a replica then this option does not apply, for example a tier may be done in glitter gold, as this is not an edible product this tier would need to be a replica, also see maximum allowed sponge tiers for each cake.
This is the most popular option for many couples, not only do you benefit from the large extravagant, jaw dropping Wedding Cake you don't have to break your budget to achieve it. You can pick any tier to have as a real sponge which is the tier your guests will see you cut, the remainder of the cake will be decorated replicas, please see the pricing structure below to determine just how much cake you will require, I am happy to discuss portions further during your consultation. Prices for replica Wedding Cakes are based on the bottom tier being real, any smaller tier will also bring the cost of the Wedding Cake down.
What Else...
There are many things that can change the price of your quote, for example flowers, sugar flowers, fresh flowers or silk flowers, so the prices below are only a guide.
What's the Difference, this is a guide only...
Simple Design - The Wedding Cake may be very plain, one colour only accented with some flowers
Semi-Simple - The Wedding Cake requires hand painting if there is a colour on the design, there are more design and structural features on the cake.
Ornate - The Wedding Cake has strong design features, it requires hand painting and is the production time to make this Wedding Cake would be considerably longer
Then  Select Gold Platium or Diamond 

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